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Acupuncture is a technique where ultra fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body. It aims to regulate the body and restore balance using the body’s meridians. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners believe the human body has more than 2,000 acupuncture points connected by pathways or meridians. These pathways create an energy flow (Qi, pronounced “chee”) through the body that is responsible for overall health. Therefore, when there is illness in the body, it is believed to be due to a disruption of Qi. 

Our Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Dr Yukyung Song Osteopath Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner Balwyn North

Dr Yukyung Song
Chinese Medicine Practitioner | Osteopath

MAppSc (Acu), MOA & AACMA

Geng hao zheng
Chinese Medicine Practitioner | physiotherapist

Doctor of Physiotherapy, B.BMed (Neuroscience) / M.AppSci (Chinese Herbal Medicine), APAM & AACMA

Kobodi Wellness Studio Acupuncturist Dietitian Balwyn North Janice Yip

Janice Yip
Chinese Medicine Practitioner | Dietitian

BNutriDiet / MAppSci (Acu), APD & AACMA

Many scientific studies have focused on the way acupuncture affects the nervous system. These studies have shown that acupuncture can have an analgesic effect by affecting the body’s intrinsic pain inhibitory mechanism.

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Our Areas of Specialisation

  • Pain management / Sports injuries
  • Gut health and digestion
  • Women’s health 
  • IVF support
  • Men’s health
  • Stress management / emotional disorders
  • Skin conditions
  • Symptom management including headache, night sweating, poor sleep
  • Cosmetic acupuncture helps with toning and tightening of facial muscles, which in turns firm and lift sagging skin
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What you can expect from an acupuncture appointment

Initially, the practitioner will obtain a detailed verbal assessment of your presenting condition as well as your lifestyle, diet and other relevant factors. This is usually followed by an objective assessment which may include a tongue assessment and/or pulse assessment. Based on their findings, the practitioner will then determine where they will needle and/or apply cupping. Before they commence any treatment your practitioner will give you an explanation of your condition and what treatment methods would be helpful. 

Depending on where the needles are inserted, you may need to uncover certain areas and lie either face up/down/side or sitting. Our acupuncturist will use single-use, disposable and sterile needles. You should feel the needles inserted but you won’t feel any pain. Once inserted, the needles may remain there for several minutes. 

To have the best effect, acupuncture generally involves several weekly or fortnightly treatments. Most courses consist of up to 12 sessions. An initial session is 60 minutes and the subsequent session usually lasts about 30 minutes. The number of treatments will vary depending on your individual condition. 


what to expect in an acupuncture appointment

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We are conveniently located in Greythorn Central in the suburb of Balwyn North nearby to surrounding suburbs such as Balwyn, Doncaster, Kew and Bulleen. 

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Greythorn Central: 
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Free public parking available adjacent to studio. 


03 9816 3589

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2a Tannock Street Balwyn North VIC 3104